Elevate weight loss
Reduce bloating
Aid digestion
Suppress appetite
Boost concentration
Very gentle cleansing


You can’t lose weight while your stressed.  We designed ABSOLU first and foremost as a de-stress and metabolism boosting tea to help with shaking off those stubborn pounds.  Transformitea Absolu is a milder alternative to Absolu Plus and can be used to support you through the morning and afternoon.  It gives you energy, keeps hunger at bay, and can help you sustain your hard won weight loss.

Our unique products aim to deliver high performance results without compromise.

Using only safe ingredients and free from Senna or Rhubarb root.  GMO free, nut free, gluten free.


Naturally occurring caffeine, Catechins, Theanine, Vitimin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folic acid, β-carotene, γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), Minerals, (Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, etc.)

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  • The Power of Transformitea

    We understand what it is like when you have to get up early every day and climb the career ladder.
    We can relate to working long hours and feeling guilty for missing the gym to get that presentation ready.
    You need an edge over your peers – a boost to help you focus and succeed.
    You also want to stay slim even when don’t have enough hours in the day to work out.

    Absolu can be used either after lunch to help digestion and focus, or in place of Absolu Plus as a milder morning detox. Follow any of our macro-tips which require little or no planning  and enjoy your daily infusions of Transformitea to see a real, long-term transformation.

    Using only safe ingredients and free from Senna or Rhubarb root.  GMO free, nut free, gluten free.

    Improve Concentration
    Transformitea Noon Beautea can be used to sharpen concentration and improve mental alertness. It can be taken either in the morning or in the afternoon. It’s an ideal tea to help you get through a tough day’s work while on a reduced calorie intake.
    Boost Metabolism
    Helps you burn fat faster by raising your metabolism for up to two hours after drinking it. Daily consumption promotes weight loss and reduces obesity by accelerating the process of lipolysis which enables the body to burn more fat
    Natural polyphenols present in Noon Beautea act as stress busters and help alleviate mood swings and anxiety. They also have an ability to regulate cortisol levels – the hormone responsible for managing stress which in turn allows the body to lose weight.
    Stimulate Digestion
    Stimulate your digestion for better nutrient absorption while protecting your liver. This tea can help with acid reflux and ulcers, improve immunity and reduce cholesterol.
    Noon Beautea contains a powerful anti-ageing herb and is known for increasing skin elasticity to give stunning natural young looking skin. It can help treat acne, eczema and skin allergies.
    Suppress appetite
    Hibiscus flowers give this drink a naturally sweet and slightly tart taste so it can help stop cravings for sugary snacks while giving you a fuller feeling.
    Body Inside
    Help you burn fat faster
    Help treat obesity
    Reduce cholesterol
    Regulate cortisol levels
    Regulate blood sugar
    Reduce fluid retention & stomach irritation
    Aid digestion
    Body & Mind
    Get sustained energy
    Sharpen thinking skills
    Improve mental alertness
    Reduce stress & fatigue
    Body Outside
    Engage the body’s natural defence mechanisms
    Vitamins A, Bx, & C improve skin elasticity
    Improve bone health
    Help in preventing cancer

    How to prepare Absolu smart tea

    Boil your water to 100 Degrees Celsius, and allow to sit for 4 to 6 minutes until it reaches about 85 degrees.
    Add 1 x Absolu mini tuo to your pot or french press.  Pour over the water and leave to infuse for at least 3 to 5 minutes.
    A longer wait will result in a more potent infusion coupled with a stronger flavour.
    Pour and enjoy.  Leaves can certainly be infused a second time, or more.
    The dimensions of flavour and effect can change significantly depending on how many infusions you do, lessening with each subsequent infusion.

  • Additional Information


    Pressed mini tuos of top quality green Qingxiang Oolong tea from Yunnan Province blended with Indian & Chinese botanicals. Senna Free

    Tasting Notes

    The Chinese word for Oolong tea means "black dragon tea" and Oolong is one of the dominant flavours in this tea. The flavor profile contains hints of flowers and sweet dates, with straw, pepper and a touch of grilled vegetables, making this tea a pleasure to drink.

    Brewing Guide

    Add 1 tea cake to an average sized teapot, or a full flask or bottle.
    Our Mini Tuo tea cake may be too strong for a normal sized single cup.
    Infuse in water boiled and reduced to 85C for 5 minutes.
    Varying brewing time can increase or diminish the de-stress effects.
    Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing.

    Caffeine Level

    3.5 out of 5 – in green tea terms.

    Tea has anywhere between 15-70 mg of caffeine per cup. Coffee tends to have 100-175 mg caffeine / cup.

    Oolong has an average of 37 mg of caffeine per cup (approx 250ml), compared to 50 mg in everyday black tea, and 100 mg-175 mg in coffee. Oolong tea has more caffeine than green tea but less caffeine than black tea.

    Remember that tea is a natural product and this is only a reference. Longer infusion will increase caffeine levels. Pouring off the first infusion can reduce caffeine levels but up to 80% but will also rescue many of the benefits of Absolu.

    The evidence has been mounting that the amino acid L-theanine, found in the leaves of our teas, may have a calming effect on the mind — an effect that potentially counteracts the caffeine’s anti-soporific effects. Two cups of Absolu are expected to contain 50-150 mg of L-theanine.


    30 pieces of individually wrapped mini tuo cakes packed in zip lock pouch

    Contents Weight



    20 x 30 x 5 cm

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