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Why Poor Sleep Affects Your Social Life and How to Improve It

Sleep quality is now linked directly to the quality of your social life, research found.

Have you noticed how lack of sleep or a few bad nights affect your ability to focus, your memory and even your stress levels? A recent research by Berkeley University concluded that poor sleep can literally kill your social life.

Having analysed results of their experiments they established that sleep affects your social life and sleep-deprived people feel lonelier and less inclined to engage with others, avoiding close contact in a similar way to those people, who suffer from social anxiety.

The study was carried out using fMRI brain imaging, standardized loneliness measures and online surveys.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that in the past few decades our society saw a dramatic decrease in sleep duration and an increase in loneliness.

Moreover, it appears, that the loneliness can spread from an individual to an individual like an infection.

What can you do to make sure you get a good night’s sleep?

Here are a few simple, but very efficient tips on falling asleep faster and getting a good rest:

  1. Air the bedroom before going to bed. Ideally you should leave the window open a bit, but it would depend on the traffic and external noises so if you are a light sleeper, leaving the window slightly open might wake you up in the middle of the night. Going for a short walk, weather permitting, is also a good routine before bed.
  2. Get cozy. Ensure your pillow and your mattress are comfortable. Is it time to get a new one?
  3. Ensure the room is dark enough. Unless you are used to sleeping with lights on and it doesn’t affect you – invest in a good blind or a blackout curtain.
  4.  Eat a light but satisfying dinner. Don’t overload on carbs. Foods like milk, nuts and bananas promote better sleep.
  5. Instead of caffeinated tea have a cup of  Nuit by Transformitea Nuit will not only help you get quality sleep, it will work WHILE you sleep, gradually cleansing and repairing your digestive tract and restoring your liver to help eliminate toxins naturally. It will also assist with proper digestion and aid skin elasticity.

It’s nature, plus our science, at it’s best!



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