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Transformitea Smart Tea began out of a desperate need for fast working stress-relief without drowsiness or other negative side effects.

It had to have metabolism boosting action to help office-based people with lower levels of physical activity to lose weight, detox, cleanse and repair while in work or on the go.

The smart teas and tisanes are a result of three years of research and extensive real world testing of the highest quality tea leaves and powerful adaptogens blended and delivered in precise proportions.

The co-founders of Transformitea worked for a large multinational. And there were targets and deadlines, stats and endless meetings, lots of work and young families to balance. Stress levels were always high. Pressure was a constant. And we were regularly ill with cold and flu-like symptoms, chronic fatigue and digestion problems.

We started researching, trying many individual ingredients and realised there was no one-size-fits-all solution.

Through constant creating, testing and revising we shortlisted and fine-tuned the best natural ingredients available with the all-important zero negative impact into an easy to use supplement which proved to be safe for long-term use and also able to deliver measurable results day after day.

What we ended up developing really worked, for us and for our friends.

Now we had to find a way to ensure each daily measure was consistent so the outcome was as expected.

One of the problems with existing detox style teas is that they generally fail to deliver the correct balance of ingredients.  Heavier or powdered ingredients fall to the bottom of the package.  Teabags seemed to be an obvious solution but not one we were happy to use.

Teabags prevent a large proportion of the beneficial ingredients such as EGCG (one of the weight loss enhancing nutrients from green tea) from being released into the infusion.  Also many teabags are made from PET or epichlorohydrin plastics which can leak into the tea.

As we did while sourcing our quality ingredients, some of which have been used in medicine for over 3000 years, we looked back to tried and tested methods proven throughout not just the years, but the centuries and even millennia.

We took the methods of skilled tea artisans and reworked and modernised it to produce our Transformitea pressed tea cakes.  Each tea cake (or pressed disc) produces a measured portion of the essential nutrients and ingredients that we formulated to help us be the best we could.  And we are now sharing this with everyone.

Using Transformitea not only helped us manage stress, but also achieve sustained weight loss despite our high stress levels and busy lives through liver rejuvenation and intestinal detox. The results are even better when Transformitea is combined with even light to moderate exercise and any steps you can take towards a healthy diet.

We took into consideration the requirement of office workers to be able to focus and perform at optimum levels every day plus de-stress and relax in the evening.

Tea form was chosen because hot water infusion delivers maximum bioavailability of antioxidants, enzymes and polyphenols in plants and herbs.

None of our Transformitea blends contain dangerous or addictive laxatives like Senna or rhubarb root.

Laxative elements used in other brands of detox and slimming teas can deplete your body of nutrients and minerals, unsettle your digestive tract and give you cramps. Long term use of Senna (2 weeks and above) can cause bowels to stop functioning normally and might cause dependency on laxatives.

Transformitea morning and evening blends contain Triphala – which helps to combat laxative dependency. It also gently restores and protects the liver and elimination system.

We offer three key blends of high performance natural teas, plants and fruit – separate ingredients individually complimenting and enhancing the others.

We sourced the freshest and the best quality tea-leaves and herbs, harvested at their very peak to help you achieve your goals.

Then we measured, portioned and prepared them into our unique pressed discs of tea, each individually wrapped for freshness and delivering precise performance enhancing percentages of each component so that each brew is perfect – something you will never get with a loose tea blend.

We also developed an on-the-go brewing system which you can take with you to the office or gym. Pressed tea cakes open up in hot water and there are no barrier paper or plastic bags to prevent the active ingredients from infusing.

Take these smart teas to de-stress, detox and enhance cognitive development.

Our job is done. Now it’s over to you – Transformitea(m)