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6 Weeks to Shake off Post Covid Pounds

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Public Health England surveyed 5000 people during Covid and established that more than 40% of adults in England have gained half a stone on average.

Snacking, comfort eating and  lack of movement were all the culprits. But we @Transformitea think that low levels of chronic stress might have added to the natural way of your body to “prepare for the worst to come”. We all worried about what was going to happen with the world as we know it. We resented the lockdown restrictions. Stress released cortisol which in turn caused higher insulin levels. Your blood sugar dropped and you craved sugary, fatty foods.

In simple terms – your anxiety and uncertainty triggered your body to create more fat cells.

Some authors preach self-compassion and taking it easy but that will only lead to more weight gain, if not addressed.

We suggest that instead of being complacent you can change a few key events in your routine to regain weight control.

And don’t just read this – try it and see how in only 42 days you can change your body shape to a leaner one.

Do this for 6 weeks to start losing the extra weight gained during pandemic:

  1. If you can’t stick with workouts – just walk. An evening walk will help you relax, prepare for a good night sleep. It will increase your oxygen levels and also add to the recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise. It is less strenuous on your knees and easier to get used to. Install a free app, set yourself a goal and wrap up – no need to wait till January to get fit!
  2. Have a breakfast. But don’t eat just any breakfast – this is the most important meal of the day so go for simple, unprocessed ingredients. We recommend porridge made with low fat or almond milk. And if you need sugar – just add a few raisins of dried apricots for some natural sweetness and fiber. Or if you hate porridge – eggs are a great and very versatile food for breakfast.
  3. Set your mood to RELAXED yet FOCUSED. It is easier said, than done but you can have a cheat hack here – Absolu Plus by Transformitea has all you need to help you feel great and be your best self.
  4. Cut evening carbs. Instead try to eat protein and fiber. Any LOW GI recipe would do. Eat early so that you are not full going to bed. Foods like milk, nuts and bananas promote better sleep.
  5. Add more beneficial gut flora by incorporating Probiotics and Prebiotics. Only now the scientists understand the importance of unprocessed food in our life. Turns out those trillions of gut microbes can either make you lean or fat, help with weight control. Good gut bacteria help with glucose absorption and digestion, they influence your mood and can even protect your health.
  6. Instead of caffeinated tea have a cup of  Nuit by Transformitea Nuit will not only help you get quality sleep. It will work WHILE you sleep, gradually cleansing and repairing your digestive tract and restoring your liver to help eliminate toxins naturally. It will also assist with proper digestion and aid skin elasticity.

It’s not rocket science – we did all the hard work so you can reap the benefits and improve the quality of your life.


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